The Other Side of My Writing…

is poetry.

I wrote this for my Okie best friend’s new son, Fitzhugh. It incorporates a list of favorite memories concerning Fitz that she gave me.

It’s a simple and straightforward piece – just a little something to break the lull in my posting. Hope you enjoy.

For F.W.P.

The smell of you is Destiny
and Hope – a breath of sanctity
Long-lost before the Lord knit you
Within. And in the war with sin,
Your smile reminds us, “Seek the light!”

The Light! – in smiles’ refusal to fade
and tears shed for love and the awesome weight
of shepherding you in your dawning days
Long-writ. Likewise, God sees fit
To search and know you, and help us search and know.

Know that if naught else, you are ours
And God’s – The King Who Named the Stars
has named you in perfect knowledge –
F. W. P. So sleep and smile and be,
And walk with us The Way, everlastingly.

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