One Decade Later…

I’ve finished the first draft of a work of children’s literature, entitled The Delta Door. I might keep a few skeletal pieces, but most of the body is going to be, shall we say, transmogrified.

Honestly, I was okay with the text until I did a Narnia re-read, and remembered just how lovely and poignant children’s literature (at its best) can be. Gosh dangit, but Lewis can tell a yarn! “The Magician’s Nephew” particularly captivated me. Honestly, since I was revisiting it for the first time since pre-teenage days, I remembered next to nothing about it. The original multiverse! And there was no Dr. Strange involved!

To be continued.

P.S. The post that preceded this speaks of “Secondary Color.” I did finish that short story, by the way. I submitted to a few publications, but no bites. I never did complete the next “Bloodlines” novella, but I was struggling with a LITERAL Deus ex machine, which is surprisingly easy to fall into… *shruuuuuug*

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