I’m Jaimie, with two “i”s. That is not a pun, but don’t get used to that being the norm.

Nice to meet you.



  • Why did I ever choose iMovie?

    I finally ditched iMovie for Filmmaker Pro (which has treated me very well, so far). Hasta la vista, babehhhh This means a few things, namely that 1. I will maintain a higher level of daily sanity, and 2. I really, truly need to update my acting/performance reel. Again. This takes more time than one might…

  • A Last Days Moment

    I watch you, quiet, as a cacophony must be ringing in your ears only Your every cell wars. Every soldier is deployed at last, for the final, desperate charge. All I hear is machines ticking and clicking, A small “beep,” Your breathing, and the sounds of your pain as you fight for air. I take…

  • In reading a novel, any novel, we have to know perfectly well that the whole thing is nonsense, and then, while reading, believe every word of it. Finally, when we’re done with it, we may find—if it’s a good novel—that we’re a bit different from what we were before we read it, that we have…

  • A Real Query

    Codependence needs to be defined wisely in order for us to understand that humans were made to live in community. To quote an antiquated animated movie I still love: If you’re gonna hunt humans, you might wanna remember that we travel in packs. From the film Titan A.E.