Why did I ever choose iMovie?

I finally ditched iMovie for Filmmaker Pro (which has treated me very well, so far). Hasta la vista, babehhhh

This means a few things, namely that 1. I will maintain a higher level of daily sanity, and 2. I really, truly need to update my acting/performance reel. Again.

This takes more time than one might think. I often wish I could tell casting directors that if they check out my YouTube channel, they will get a hearty dose of my personality (since we all like to know about those with whom we will work closely), performance flexibility, and, if neither of those, a snort-laugh at some of the dorky content. All without getting blacklisted for being the worst role applicant imaginable, of course…

Oh. I suppose there is good voice acting from my readings of Wheel of Time excerpts.

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