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  • The Shaking of Epheria, pt. 1

    This is the first installment of the second book of the “Bloodlines” trilogy, by yours truly. I will post the entire draft of the book here in serialized form before I collate and publish it for Amazon Kindle. The Shaking of Epheria is a working title. Prologue He fled. He could not even remember the […]

  • “Bloodlines of Epheria” Book Now Available on Amazon!

    At long last! The piece of fantasy fiction I posted in serialized form on my blog is now collated, edited, and Kindle-i-fied! If you haven’t kept up with Bloodlines of Epheria, Book 1 of The Bloodlines Trilogy, or are interested in how I edited the entire piece based on reader (that’s you!) feedback, now is […]

  • Brief Thoughts on Secular Fiction by a Christian Author

    With hopes to elaborate later, I thought I’d share what I consider the three aspects of secular fiction that a Christian author seeking to glorify Christ should have as a feature of his/her work: Glorified virtue De-glorified wickedness A trajectory of hope (which can be true even of a tragedy) Preliminary thoughts are welcomed.

  • The Other Side of My Writing…

    is poetry. I wrote this for my Okie best friend’s new son, Fitzhugh. It incorporates a list of favorite memories concerning Fitz that she gave me. It’s a simple and straightforward piece – just a little something to break the lull in my posting. Hope you enjoy. For F.W.P. The smell of you is Destiny […]