I’m Jaimie, with two “i”s. That is not a pun, but don’t get used to that being the norm.

Nice to meet you.



  • Jaimie, really?

    Drill sergeant.

  • The Maw of Tash

    Sometimes my anxiety feels a lot like Tirian’s premonition: that he would be fed into the mouth of Tash’s stable ere the day’s end. The metaphor holds – if you’ve read The Last Battle, you know that Tash may well be in there. The terror that shook the earth and consumed the ape in one…

  • One Decade Later…

    I’ve finished the first draft of a work of children’s literature, entitled The Delta Door. I might keep a few skeletal pieces, but most of the body is going to be, shall we say, transmogrified. Honestly, I was okay with the text until I did a Narnia re-read, and remembered just how lovely and poignant…