I’m Jaimie, with two “i”s. That is not a pun, but don’t get used to that being the norm.

Nice to meet you.



  • Secondary Color – A work-in-progress

    Okay! I finally got so tired of not posting anything, I decided I’m going to post EVERYTHING. Well, maybe not everything, but I’ll at least give you part of a short story I’ve written. Maybe you can help me get some traction on it. Read and enjoy, and let me know what you liked, disliked, etc.…

  • Shaking, pt. 4

    It was Ileniel’s birthday, and despite the persnickity scholar’s wishes, both Namiss and Antian had insisted on trying to prepare a grand meal for him. Namiss because she was Namiss, and she did such things, and Antian because against all odds, he and Ileniel had become something like friends in the preceding month. When Lorin…

  • Shaking, pt. 3

    Haven’t read part 2 of “The Shaking of Epheria” yet? Catch up here. He smiled, white teeth flashing, and inclined his head to her. “Sifani a-vinna Leyone.” Sifani’s opened her mouth in a stupid, wordless greeting. It turned out not to be much of a greeting. “Uh, which one are you?” The man’s mouth, fat…

  • Shaking, pt. 2

    Dear reader, if you haven’t already, it would behoove you to read the first installment of the second book of the “Bloodlines” Triology before you proceed here. Enjoy! As soon as that new scene came into being on the canvass of reality, thought and memory and consciousness funneled back into place at alarming speed. Sifani…