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  • “All Possible Futures” – a retro fan-fiction piece

    Juleya Kionee tugged up the high collar of her Imperial uniform with her right hand, an obnoxious enough habit to make her conjecture as to why she did it. She had long since concluded that if it weren’t for Den standing two seats away from her in the portside command pit, she wouldn’t have done […]

  • I Challenge You

    …to a duel. Okay, not really. But it seemed the appropriate (hackneyed?) end to the sentence. You writers out there may have heard the advice, “Show, don’t tell.” Here is a really helpful writing challenge that will prep us to do just that. I’m going to make a point to throw out a good many […]

  • The Philosophical, Prurient, and Profane

    As I begin to write my second fantasy novel, I find myself thinking about the definition of art in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, and one aspect in particular which I agree with. The philosopher describes art as an imitation of reality that helps us understand reality better, even (perhaps, especially) when reality is disagreeable. It attempts […]

  • A sneak peek…

    …at the amazing cover art for the compiled Kindle version of “Bloodlines of Epheria!” This is a digital commission by artist Tanya Wagemann. Please support her by checking out her page on deviantART!